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Our Classes

We hold afterschool classes at both of our venues. We have a wide range of classes and private lesson slots available to students who would like that extra push. We offer a weeks free trial period for new students or current students trying new classes.
Contact us to enquire about your free trial!

30 min class       45 min class       private lesson
£3.25                      £4.75                          £12-18

Pre-Primary Introductory Dance

Children will learn basic ballet and tap movement and terminology through fun songs and the use of props and stories. Activities constantly change to hold onto those short attention spans! Dance will allow your child to build motor skills, grace, and confidence.


The most important of all the dance disciplines, Spirit offers classical ballet classes across all age groups within the school. Classes focus on ballet technique, proper body alignment, terminology, and musicality.
Ballet is recommended for all of our students from Pre-Primary classes to  the vocational Grades and Pointe work, We like to encourage Ballet to everyone joining our school.


Tap Dancing explores many different rhythms using the feet and wearing special shoes with metal plates on. It is a fun and exciting dance discipline and helps the dancer improve coordination and timing. Tap is popular in many Shows and Musicals and everyone loves the benefit that Tap brings to them.

Modern / Jazz / Lyrical

All under the 'Modern' umbrella, Modern/Jazz is a rhythmic dance style which uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all need strength and flexibility. Classes will focus on learning proper dance technique such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality and developing complex rhythms and patterns.
Lyrical is an expressive form of dance performed to contemporary/jazz music. This class may combine the techniques of modern dance, ballet, and jazz.


This class is a favorite among many of our students. It encourages coordination, spatial awareness, and fine and gross motor skills. Students will increase their strength and flexibility and learn a variety of tumbling and gymnastics skills. We work towards the 5 elements of strength, flexibility, balance, limbering and tumbling.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a form of theatre combining music, songs, spoken dialogue and dance. We teach our students all aspects of Musical Theatre and Drama so that they can become ‘Triple Threat’ performers who can sing, dance and act to a high standard. We strive to keep their lessons relevant and exciting, working on hit numbers from some of the best loved musicals.


This class focuses on learning choreography with "popular" dance moves to current music. Stemming from foundational genres of dance like hip hop and jazz styles, this class will fuse popular dance trends with technical aspects you see in the commercial dance world.

Demi Pointe / Pointe Class

Advanced ballet dancers over the age of 10, may be invited to take Pointe. Only dancers enrolled in pointe may purchase pointe shoes, as dancers without enough strength can easily injure themselves.

Strength & Conditioning

This class is new to our schedule and is a great addition to your Dancer’s schedule if they are looking to improve their dance performance. S&C designed to condition and prepare the dancer specific to their sport allowing their dance technique to improve faster and with greater integrity. Dancers will leave this class having greater body awareness, understanding of proper alignment, functional movement related to dance, as well a stronger understanding of strength as it relates to dance and dance technique.

Flex & Tech

This class is open to any student studying between primary and inter in any discipline. It’s a fun high energy class that works on increasing core stability/ flexibility and general fitness and guiding the students with the correct training and knowledge to safely and correctly stretch at home.

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